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We are excited to announce a new promotional campaign where we will be giving a surprise Jack N' Jill Kids product for any purchase of Brainsteam Augmented Reality Flash Cards.

At Brainsteam Education, we believe that scientific exploration is of core importance to a lifetime of learning. That's why we introduced the concept of augmented reality in education to continue to stimulate bright young minds through experiential learning. Our flash cards present content curated by educators to streamline the flow and diffusion of knowledge. 

Why Jack N' Jill Kids?

We are proud to partner with Jack N' Jill Kids, a brand that shares our philosophy of promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Jack N' Jill Kids believes that businesses have an obligation to the environment, which is why they have formulated all-natural products with organic ingredients and designed their packaging to be minimal, recyclable, and BPA-free. By partnering with Jack N' Jill Kids, we are not only giving our customers the opportunity to experience the benefits of augmented reality in education but also encouraging them to make a conscious choice for the environment.

The Power of Augmented Reality and Natural Living:

Augmented reality and natural living may seem like unrelated concepts, but they both share the same principle of enhancing our everyday experiences. Augmented reality allows us to explore and learn in a more interactive and engaging way, while natural living encourages us to make healthier and more sustainable choices for ourselves and the environment. By combining these two principles, we are able to create a holistic approach to learning and living.

Brainsteam Education's flash cards are designed to make learning more interactive and fun, while at the same time, Jack N' Jill Kids' all-natural toothpaste and other products promotes kids' healthcare and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Together, our brands aim to provide a well-rounded experience for our customers that not only enhances their knowledge but also their overall well-being.

Promotion Details:

Starting today, for every purchase of Brainsteam Augmented Reality Flash Cards, customers will receive a surprise Jack N' Jill Kids product*. This promotion is a great opportunity for customers to experience the benefits of augmented reality in education and natural living, all while supporting sustainable and eco-friendly brands. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer and make sure to grab a set of Brainsteam Augmented Reality Flash Cards today!


*:The surprise product will be one of a selection of eco-friendly and natural products, such as a kids' toothbrush, natural certified toothpaste, kids' cotton face mask, natural baby gum & tooth wipes, kids' hand sanitizer, or a kids' storage rinse cup. 

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