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Inspiration in action: Augmented Reality

Scientific exploration is of core importance to a lifetime of learning. BrainSTEAM Innovations Co. introduced the concept of augmented reality in education to continue to stimulate bright young minds through experiential learning. Our flash cards present content curated by educators to streamline the flow and diffusion.

Hello World by BrainSTEAM

We are all about math, technology, engineering, and sciences. Our founders are engineers, scientists, and technologists. We have started the BrainSTEAM to introduce augmented reality to youngest members of our society. As their minds embrace the power of this technology platform, we are equally curious to observe where else they will take it!

A purpose-driven project to build a community

For every pack sold, we will be donating one pack of brainstem augmented reality flashcards to educators and schools.

Are you an educator or a curious parent?

We’re all ears to listen from you, tell us what we can do better, or how we can help? Please visit our inspire page and drop us a note.