With the integration of augmented reality in education, students can engage in immersive and interactive experiences that inspire learning, foster curiosity, and provide a deeper understanding of complex concepts.

PlanetARy AR Activity Book Features

Explore with AR

An engaging and stimulating experience: Multi-dimensional learning. Watch 3D/4D+ models come to life in an interactive format! Zoom in and out, rotate, move and listen. Record videos of the models in your living room. 

Think like a Scientist

Activities utilizing AR technology and hands-on learning offer an interactive way to teach the scientific method, allowing learners to explore and experiment in a structured manner.

Project-based STEAM 

Project-based learning and STEAM education are critical components of a comprehensive education, as they foster hands-on, experiential learning. 

Hands-on, Minds on 

By actively participating in hands-on activities, learners can deepen their understanding of the concepts being taught, as well as develop important skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity.

Learning Together, Growing Stronger

Children's education greatly benefits from the active participation of their families, who provide an affirming and stimulating ambiance that nurtures exploration, ingenuity, and a sustained enthusiasm for learning.

Question, Learn, Grow

Encouraging active learning by asking questions cultivates curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills, enabling them to become independent learners and problem-solvers.

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