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Brainsteam Mathletics - Private Math One on One Tutoring

Brainsteam Mathletics - Private Math One on One Tutoring

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Brainsteam Education is committed to building STEAM skills with young creators. Since day one, we have been dedicated to studying, learning, and understanding challenges that students experience while learning STEAM and comprehending its applications, so we have committed our time and resources to build an after-school experience to specifically focus on each foundation subject individually, starting with Brainsteam Mathematics. Our focused approach means better results, where better is defined by having fun while learning math.

We only work in one-on-one settings, in person, as we believe in human connection as a part of the learning experience; therefore, there are no group lectures or classes. Instead, our focus is helping your child learn at their best.

Our personalized plan is built around the needs of the student. We build skill and understanding in attainable, iterative, and approachable methods to keep students engaged with stimulating material that makes your child develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, most importantly, enjoy math along the way. After our initial assessment, we will build your child's learning plan and frequently align it with goals, milestones, and learning progress. As a personalized plan, we commit to enabling the natural learning and immersion process and fulfilling academic needs and much-needed life skills.

Brainsteam education experts would stay tuned to your kid's school's proprietary curriculum or extend beyond if desire and competencies are present. We use many custom-developed learning materials specifically designed for an in-person experience, including interactive play and active learning methods to further our efficiency. During your children's time with the STEAM Instructor, time could be allocated to assisting with existing curriculum challenges, practices, preparation for topics and related context, or simply getting homework done to support the learning process. Your children deserve this personal attention, and we're here to promote learning and give the much-needed support to achieve results in math or any other STEAM concept.

We frequently deploy innovative gamification concepts regarding math puzzles that would stimulate the thrill of solving problems and enjoying the accomplishment. Having fun is an essential part of learning and immersion, and our team is here to offer a companion to your children on this journey.

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The lesson location: 150 Etruria, Seattle, WA 98109

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